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Top Music Podcasts on Spotify in 2023

If you’re a true music aficionado, there’s a good chance your appreciation extends beyond just casual listening. You may be inclined to dive deeper into the realm of music, understanding its history, exploring musical masterpieces, and uncovering nuances that quench your musical thirst. This is where music podcasts become goldmines. After all, they offer an abundance of great soundtracks and cover topics related to music and musicians, along with a wide range of related information such as interviews, reviews, music theory, and new releases.

So, if you are interested in listening to the best music podcasts available, we have scoured the lists on Spotify to find the top 3 music podcasts that you’ll love to hear:

Song Exploder

For those with a taste for diving deep into the stories behind chart-topping singles and craving insights directly from the artists, “Song Exploder” is the go-to podcast on Spotify.

Considered one of the most like music podcasts available on the internet, this podcast meticulously unravels the captivating tales and intricate details behind some of the world’s most beloved hits, presenting them in a captivating style that resonates with fans across diverse musical genres.

Such is the acclaim and popularity of “Song Exploder” that it didn’t just remain confined to the auditory realm — it has now been adapted into a compelling Netflix show. The multi-genre appeal of this music podcast is what makes it so special. Give it a shot and you’ll be swept off your feet in an instant.

song exploder


“Dissect” stands out as a celebrated music podcast on Spotify, offering an in-depth exploration of contemporary music. For anyone hoping to get geeky, this music podcast is definitely worth considering.

Its uniqueness lies in its format: each season is dedicated to meticulously breaking down a single album, diving deep into one song per episode. The spotlight often shines on modern hip-hop, and you can sense the host, Cole Cuchna, pouring immense effort into unraveling the intricacies of the music, lyrics, and underlying themes.

For newcomers, we suggest kicking things off with their analysis of Kanye West’s “Yeezus.”



This music podcast effortlessly merges two captivating worlds: music and true crime. This isn’t your typical podcast; its unique blend offers a riveting experience that’s bound to pique your curiosity. Are you still wondering what makes it stand out?

Well, the numerous accolades it has received over the years are a testament to its gripping content that can capture your attention in a heartbeat, transforming you into a devout listener.

With “Disgraceland” podcast, you’ll dive deep into spine-chilling stories, from the unsettling tales of Taylor Swift’s stalkers to Jennifer Hudson and a harrowing triple homicide.

The podcast doesn’t shy away from delving into controversial narratives, touching upon musicians who’ve been implicated in crimes or exhibited unsettling behavior. In essence, you’re signing up for a roller-coaster ride that navigates the enthralling intersection of iconic music and true crime tales. In other words, the list for the best music podcasts on Spotify would be incomplete without it.


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  • Questlove Supreme (stories of musical legends)
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