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Here Is Why Learning Piano With Video Game Sheet Music A Great Method

What do you think is the right approach to teach music to kids and teenagers?

It won’t be wrong to believe that the 21st Century music students require a different teaching approach.

How about inspiring and motivating them?

Although there are some common approaches in learning the piano, there is no harm in shifting from regular repertoire to a different method that is more exciting.

That being said, learning piano with video game sheet music can be a really effective and fun method.

From Playing Video Games to Playing Piano

Kids and teenagers love playing video games. In fact, many of them grow up playing video games such as Super Mario, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy Series, Mass Effect, Pokémon, and many other enthralling games.

It is no surprise that they are quite familiar with the music of these video games. So, what if kids and teenagers are taught how to play the piano through video game sheet music?

This can definitely make them take more interest in learning, and it is a much more ‘cooler & exciting’ way of teaching music to kids and teenagers.

The Effectiveness of Piano Video Game Music

If you are bored with a regular repertoire for teaching piano and looking for a more exciting method, video game sheet music is the way to go. After all, you will be sparking the interest of playing piano among learners by sharing their passion for playing video games. Think of it like teaching a kid how to count correctly with the help of candies.

Even if you haven’t played a lot of video games, and have little knowledge of video game music, there are a heaps of good internet resources to help you effectively teach piano in a way that can keep the learners interested.

The good thing about video game music and anime piano music is the high potential of techniques that can be learned through these sheet music, and they are often unaccredited and underrated. Although learning piano is not an easy feat, it can be made one if the learning part gets more interesting. And what better way there is than using video game sheet music to teach how to play the piano.

Where To Find Video Game Sheet Music?

Video game sheet music resources online come in various difficulty level and that’s why there might be a need to find a suitable arrangement for different levels of the students. However, here are some trusted resources for video game sheet music:

  • NinSheetMusic

Founded in 2004, this site hosts over 3700 free sheet music and has a dedicated collection of Nintendo (and some non-Nintendo) sheet music for piano. You can find any kinds of video game sheet music on the website, especially the Legend of Zelda sheet music.

  • VGLeadSheets

This website is known for providing some of the most high-quality transcriptions of world-famous video game music in easily readable lead sheets. You can find several Super Mario sheet music on this website.

  • Emuparadise

With a vast collection of sheet music, this retro gaming website is like a paradise for all the video game music enthusiasts out there. It is a great resource for many Final Fantasy sheet music.

  • Game Music Themes

There is heaps of music arranged on this website and all the main games are featured. It is a perfect resource for aspiring musicians.

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What’s Next?

If you want to make the piano learning part more interesting, this is the right approach for you. And while you are at it, do let us know about your favorite video game sheet music as well?