Transcribe a Song

Transcribe a Song’s Audio to MIDI Transcription service converts any kind of audio into a playable and editable MIDI file. MIDI files are perfect for sharing musical information between similar softwares. Our Audio to MIDI service costs from $18 per audio minute (varies depending on number of instruments), with a minimum purchase of two (2) minutes and a turnaround time of give (5) days.



Upload files from your computer or copy and paste a YouTube URL

I’ll manually transcribe the music note-by-note and turn your audio into MIDI file using industry-leading music notation software.

Get your MIDI file within 5 days and start playing!





Searching for an Audio to MIDI service? You can upload any audio, video or simply paste YouTube URL you need MIDI file for. You will get a good quality MIDI file with high accuracy on the notes transcribed. (It will be transcribed manually by ear without using any automation software) Transcribe A Song offers quick turnaround on audio to MIDI transcription any day of the week.



Audio to MIDI Transcription cost $18-45+ per minute of music, with a minimum order of two (2) minutes.
The price varies based on the number of instruments to be transcribed and the complexity of the song.


Transcribe A Song offers Audio to MIDI Transcription service has a five (5) day turnaround time. You’ll receive a MIDI file of the audio you sent in. We do not use automated Audio to MIDI software in this service. We manually key every note, signatures and expression into our music notation software to ensure the accuracy of the MIDI file.