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My name is Wei Le Ng, and I started so that music lovers everywhere could leverage my decades of professional piano playing in order to get their favorite songs transcribed. Please continue exploring the site to get a feel for all the services I offer.


Chord Chart Transcription

I transcribe your audio (mp3 or YouTube) to chord chart, with rates starting at $18 per minute.

Sheet Music Transcription

I transcribe your audio (mp3 or YouTube) to sheet music, with rates starting at $20 per minute.

Audio to MIDI Transcription

I convert your audio (mp3 or YouTube) to a MIDI file, with rates starting at $20 per minute.


How It Works

Upload files from your computer or copy and paste a YouTube URL

I’ll manually transcribe your music note-by-note and turn your song into sheet music using industry-leading music notation software.

Get your sheet music and start playing!




Welcome to the leading Music Transcription Service in 2023


No matter which types of music transcription you seek, I can accommodate your wish. I transcribe chord charts, lead sheets or any other music transcription of any instruments. All are custom made specifically for you in any key you desire, with five (5) days turnaround time. Accurate, fast with competitive pricing—that’s the guarantee!

music transcription service


Chord Chart Transcription

Convert audio (mp3 or YouTube) to chord chart. Melody, Lyrics and Chords with any necessary expression. Simple and easy to read styling, suitable for all musicians who read chords and melody.View Samples


Sheet Music Transcription

Convert your audio file to sheet music. All notes are written out exactly as played in the file. Suitable for all players who have the ability to read music—great for students or budding performers! View Samples


Audio to MIDI Transcription

Convert your audio into MIDI file you can use in various music production softwares, which stores sequenced musical information exclusively such as velocity, pitch bend, control change and quantization.



What You’ll Get

Accurate note to note transcription

All sheet music format in .sib, .xml, .pdf, .midi

Fast standard delivery in 5 days. Rush order available.


What Customers Are Saying

Customers love my work—but don’t take my word for it. Allow a few of my happiest ones to tell you, in their own words, just what they’ve enjoyed the most about choosing as their favorite music transcription service whether for chord chart transcription, sheet music transcription, audio to MIDI transcription or my sheet music to MIDI service.




“Fantastic service which I have used many times. The complexity of the work I have submitted is usually quite high, being in the Jazz genre, but it was always delivered with precision and ease.”

-Douglas McAuley
Rubber Taxi Records

“Great communication, excellent music transcription online, quick delivery. Top notch job!”

-Carey Rayburn
Good Co’s Bandleader

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Wei Le and will do so again! It didn’t matter that we were on opposite sides of the world (I’m based In Scotland). He transcribed the lead sheets I needed to perform in Brooklyn last Christmastime, on time and within budget, any little glitches were corrected quickly. Great service.”

-Hope London
Independent Artist